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DIGGERhand is an innovative handheld digging tool that provides a more natural digging action than traditional tools and offers users increased control and manoeuvrability.


The DIGGERhand’s ergonomic shape is designed to fit comfortably within your hand. To ensure the highest levels of user comfort and safety the tool is secured with an adjustable rubber hand strap and durable finger protector.


An indented channel runs along the rear of the product which is designed to secure the user’s arm and aid manoeuvrability thus allowing for a more stable grip. A further comfort feature is located on the side of the DIGGERhand where an indentation protects the user’s thumb from abrasive materials while digging.


The DIGGERhand design is based on the conventional industrial digger bucket and benefits from low frontage and high sides creating a large but manageable digging capacity.


The DIGGERhand is designed to be used for excavating a wide range of materials and as such a number of interchangeable front blades are available including a toothed blade for coarse material such as stones and gravel and a flat blade for softer material such as soil and sand.

DIGGERhand is a trading name of Fazza Solutions Limited
Registered Office 17 Waterloo Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1EH
Company Number: 7068655
Tel: (+44) 01603 787570
Email: enquiries@diggerhand.co.uk